I participated remotely during the second half of the hackathon & hence am on the phone.

Best in Show Award @ Samsung AppDev B2B Seattle Hackathon 2019
In 2019, Samsung hosted a hackathon to find the best B2B solutions which utilized it's latest techologies such as DexKnoxthe S-Pen, etc.
Through our prompt, we learned that the software hospitals use do not communicate with each other & need investment multiple hardware platforms. To change this, we created a hospital patient management app for the Note 10, which, when connected to a monitor via the Samsung Dex dock, could work like a desktop app.
Impressed by our solution's ability to allow Doctors to provide mobile patient care, the judges awarded us the Best in Show prize and 2nd place for the best use of Samsung's ecosystem. Our project also reached Taher Behbehani, the head of Samsung's Mobile B2B division, who personally congratulated us and praised our work on Linkedin via a post about our work.
See our slide deck here.
Selected in the Top 100 Design Students in the USA by Design Nation 2018 & 2019
Each year Design Nation, a Business Today brand, selects the top 100 design students in the United States from more than 1000 applications. Each student is then invited for an all-expenses paid trip to New York to listen and learn from the best designers in the industry. I was selected for two consecutive years for my Google design projects & for starting UX Design Library (a one-stop resource for UX readings & resources). 
I really loved each conference and my favorite speakers were Brian Bimschleger of Artur Design, Heather Luipol of Google, and Doug Melville of TNWA.
Expedia Award for Best Travel Startup Idea @ Startup UW 2016
In 2016, Expedia hosted a weekend startup competition to find the best startup ideas with the special prize of $500 being for the Best Travel Startup Idea. 
As travel enthusiasts, my team-mates and I had first-hand experience of the struggle of planning a road-trip & booking hotels and cars. Noticing the potential of converting this pain point into a business opportunity, we designed and developed Exploro, an app catalogue of road-trip plans & Expedia hotel and car rental deals for them. 
Garett Vargas, the then CTO of Expedia was so impressed with our product & pitch, that not only did he give us the Expedia Award for Best Travel Startup Idea but also 300,000 Expedia points (worth $4200). This was extremely special for me and my team-mates as it was our first startup competition and we had come 1st!
Husky Impact Award & UW Hall of Fame @ University of Washington HUB Awards 2019 
Dubstech, a student tech club led by me & Zubair Amjad, was the 2019 recipient of the Husky Impact Award. The award was granted to us, as a recognition of the beneficial and long-lasting contribution our club, Dubstech, made to the University of Washington and the broader UW community during our tenure.
Founded in 2015, I led the club through a "reboot" in 2017, in which we shifted to a user-centered approach that emphasized creating relevant learning experiences that extend beyond college. This new approach grew our community by 900% with our events having an average attendance of 100 students.
So far we have hosted 50+ workshops, launched UW's first UX and Data Hackathons, produced a talk show called Humans of Tech, and found industry mentors for more than 400 students. Our impact is what we are most proud and I hope we continue to make a difference on campus.
Most Popular Solution @ Informatics 200 Showcase 2016 
The Informatics 200 showcase, is a product design class competition, in which 150+ students compete to design a solution for a social-equity issue of their choice.
Each year more than 1 million new international students transition into a university in the United States. Many of them face a culture shock and fear to ask questions or share concerns in fear of being judged. To alleviate this problem, my team and I designed Unify, a mobile app which enables students to anonymously ask questions, share concerns, and get advice from university staff members. When presented, people loved our project due to it's real-world value & it's intuitive user interface and gave us the most votes at the showcase!
First Place for Intex Color the Web @ Xenith 2015 
Xenith is an annual tech festival hosted by St.Xavier's College, Mumbai. At Xenith, I participated in the Intex Color the Web competition, where we were challenged to re-design the user interface of an Indian restaurant in Singapore. Understanding the theme and the client's requirements, I designed a tile-based e-commerce user interface through which a client could learn more about each dish, select their dishes and see their bill simultaneously. 
The judges from Reserve Thought, a leading design agency in Mumbai were extremely impressed by my innovative clean design & awarded me with First place.
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